Cool Cats Solana

New Website Launch!

New Cool Cats of Solana website launches and the Banner Builder on Discord Server.

Paper hand loser tax!

Our smart contract has an agreement that if you sell for below the mint, the current price floor, or a third party marketplace that isn’t the official Cool Cats Solana marketplace, you will pay a 55.5% "Paper hand loser tax."

Public Mint!

Mint of the 3333 CCS MARCH 03,2022

Secondary Markets!

Listing on secondary after mint has sold out

Q1 2022

Royalty Tracker!

Website Dashboard to track how much secondary royalties you will earn for holding your CCS

Return of 50% of SOL raised!

50% of secondary market sales will be distributed every week/month to all holders plus contests, raffles, etc

Charity Event!

Supporting great causes is our kind of cool – join us!

Artist Spotlight!

Artist Spotlight airdrop; artists / collabs TBD by the Cool Cats Solana team

Q2 2022

The Catventurers Guild Launches!

More ways to play with your Solana Cool Cats = more ways to earn $MILKY

DAO Implementation!

DAO will be implemented and all direction/decisions will be voted on. Ie: next steps, future plan and collections

Merch Implementation!

Merch line will be launched with 50% of the profits going back to the community

New Gamified Utility Launches!

More fun is in store for Cool Cats Solana holders.

Q3 2022

A Place to Call Home Launches!

The more we know about all of our Cool Solana Creatures, the more great gamified features we’ll release for them.

Cool Cats Voting!

Voting to help determine upcoming events open to all Cool Cats Solana holders.

Cooltopia Solana Implementation!

We’re building Cooltopia Solana, a gamified ecosystem built on interactivity and utility, community rewards and growth, collaboration with brands, and much more

Q4 2022